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Amazon Translate

In last two articles about Amazon I showed how to use Amazon Comprehend to make computer understand your text. Amazon can do even more: it can translate texts between languages. Amazon Translate API is very similar to Amazon Comprehend API, so let’s start!



Let’s start with standard snippets that initialize Amazon APIs:

val region = "eu-central-1"

val credentials = DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain.getInstance()

val translate = AmazonTranslateClientBuilder.standard()

Now we can translate text from English to let’s say Polish:

val original = "SnipHub is an awesome website I read often!"
        val translatedPl = translate.translateText(TranslateTextRequest()

It gives SniPhuB to świetna strona często czytam! - there are 2 mistakes in this translation, but it’s not bad.

Often a good test for a translator is to translate back:

val translatedEn = translate.translateText(TranslateTextRequest()

We get SniPhuB is a great site I read often!, it has an error and differs from the original but still it’s not bad.

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